A Suite Experience. | For the past year, most of us traded in our global travels for vacations close to home. And, sometimes in our own back yards. While those trips certainly helped relieve cabin fever, they’re just not the same as jet-setting off to remote destinations. Places where we can immerse ourselves in cultures vastly different from our own. But soon, very soon, that will all change as more countries around the world are expected to welcome back visitors.

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Consider Upgrading to a Suite Experience

If you’re looking to make up for lost time on your next travel experience, consider upgrading the vacation you’ve been dreaming up with luxury suite accommodations. Whether it’s an all-inclusive resort, hotel, or cruise, suites offer an unparalleled travel experience. Complete with their lavishly – appointed rooms and exclusive services. Some luxury suite accommodations can also be a great value when you consider all that’s included: private butlers, private balconies, complimentary drinks, complimentary gratuities, personalized stationery, extensive amounts of space to relax in, and much more.

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Keep in mind that suites and their inclusions can vary, so your best bet is to contact your Total Advantage the Affluent Traveler Collection ™ travel advisor for complete information on a Suite Experience. We’ll also make sure you receive the absolute best value on your next getaway. No matter where you want to travel, the Affluent Traveller Collection ™ wants to make sure your upgraded vacation was more than worth the wait.

Safe and happy travels!

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