Wellness Travel & Spa Vacations

Wellness travel and wellness vacations are designed to promote your health and well-being.

The Wellness Travel niche is becoming increasingly popular. It involves travelling with the primary goal of achieving, promoting, or maintaining maximum health and a sense of well-being. This type of travel begins with the intent to improve one’s health.

People often take a wellness vacation to discover new ways to promote a healthier and less stressful lifestyle. Wellness Travel is about being proactive in finding new ways to do this.

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A Wellness Vacation is Tonic for Body, Mind and Soul

Overall, it’s about finding balance in one’s life. For instance, the Wellness Vacation can include spa treatments, healthy eating and culinary events. In addition, activities involve physical participation. Like hiking, walking, paddling, yoga and many others. Including inspirational outings and adventures that clear or expand the mind. And educational programs that teach us how to incorporate healthy habits into our everyday lives.

It can be as simple as taking off for a weekend to relax, refresh, re-energize, and rejuvenate. Think of it as pulling off the road of life to admire a sunset when you’re stuck in a traffic jam or tearing yourself away from your laptop to water the garden when you’re up to your eyebrows in deadlines.

Wellness Travel is the pause that re-energizes and rejuvenates. The Wellness Vacation is an annual tonic for body, mind and soul.

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At a wellness resort, a woman practices yoga on the beach while a man engages in water relaxation therapy. The bottom photo is by Logan Stone.

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A Wellness Vacation to Find Your Balance

The core essence of seeking out wellness is the improvement in health. This automatically leads to an enhanced quality of life. Several wellness resorts aim to eliminate the physical and intangible ‘toxins’ from an individual through the use of relaxation and de-stressing methods.

Wellness tours and travel from G Adventures

G Adventures is a preferred tour partner of Total Advantage Travel.Travel connects us to our planet, to its people, and to ourselves. Wellness travel recharges the body and nourishes the mind. G Adventures new wellness tours offer the perfect balance of awe-inspiring destinations, rejuvenating activities, and healthy food experiences, helping you return home feeling even better than when you left.

Mindfulness Wellness Tours

On every Wellness tour, your journey starts with an intention setting ceremony upon your arrival. As you enjoy a slower paced itinerary, re-centre yourself with yoga practices and optional meditation sessions led by expert instructors.


Every Wellness tour lets you connect with your physical side through fun, adventurous activities in picturesque natural settings. Possibilities range from nature hikes to stand up paddleboarding to cycling trips across the countryside.


On our Wellness tours, food is more than a meal. It’s a moment to be savoured among friends. Our food options are prepared with healthy, local ingredients that cater to different diets, so you can enjoy every bite not to mention every morsel of deep conversation.

Upgraded Service

Feel rejuvenated at the end of each day, and every hour within it, thanks to the upgraded accommodations, elevated service, and private transport available on every tour. Day in and day out, you can ensure both body and mind get equal amounts of rest.

Explore wellness tours in South America, Central America, Europe & Asia.*

Wellness Travel - Yoga at a retreat

*Terms, conditions and restrictions apply. Pricing, availability, and other details subject to change. And / or apply to US or Canadian residents. Please confirm details and booking information with your travel advisor.

Hero photo by The Anam | Health and Wellness Travel in Vietnam.

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