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Meet Our Team

We are a team of passionate travel agents who share a common goal: to create unforgettable travel experiences for our clients while providing exceptional service at the best value. In addition to being experts in our field, we are also experienced travellers and take pleasure in sharing our knowledge about all aspects of travel. Let us help you plan your perfect trip. Together, we can safely put the world at your feet.

Our Office Team of Travel Agents

Robert Townshend

Founder, President & Travel Consulant


I’ve been the owner of Total Advantage Travel & Tours Inc. for over twenty-five years and have enjoyed every moment of running a customer focused travel agency. I’m here to make sure your dream vacation is a lifetime memory.

Ida Filippelli

Office Manager & Travel Consultant


I’m fluent in Italian and I’m proud of my Italian Culture. If you wish to see more of Italy, I will plan a full itinerary to suit your needs. If the Caribbean is your ideal vacation, no problem! I can help with an all-inclusive package vacation for individuals, groups, or even destination weddings.

Karina Viceral - Total Advantage Travel Agents

Karina Aisa Viceral

Travel Consultant


Destination Wedding in the works? Whether you have it all planned out or not, email me, and I would be more than pleased to help you. Looking for a unique destination? Why not discover the wonders of Asia firsthand?

Nova Parker - Travel Agent - Total Advantage Travel Canada

Nova Parker

Senior Travel Consultant


Quote: “Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures.”

Karina Aisa - Travel Agent - Total Advantage Travel and Tours

John Zeus Tokatlidis 'Zeus'

Director of Marketing & Communications, and Travel Consultant


Quote: “People are born into this world as assets, not liabilities. In the end, we are the product of expectation. Expect a lot, and you create amazing people.”

Our Independent Travel Advisors

Joseph Carrubba - Travel Creator - Total Advantage Travel

Joseph Carrubba

Travel Creator


LGBTQ2S+ vacations are the pillar of my travel business but my door is open to all who love travel, and who are looking for new adventures and seeking exploration.

Lynda Urtheil - Travel Consultant


Travel Consultant


I’ve travelled to Europe, Australia, Iceland, Mexico, the Caribbean, the US, and Canada. Whether by plane, train, boat, barge or bicycle, I can use my experience to make your next vacation memorable.

Karine Giroux Travel Advisor


Travel Advisor


When planning your next vacation, always remember that saying yes to new adventures fills the heart!

José Cassapo - Travel Agents - Total Advantage Travel.jpg

Charlene Daigneault

Travel Consultant


Do you have a sense of adventure, are you seeking new experiences? Let me help you plan your dream vacation. Raised in Timmins ON , I understand small town values and exceptional personalized service. I can ensure your travel dreams become a reality. I also offer French language services, Merci.

José Cassapo - Travel Agents - Total Advantage Travel.jpg

Carina Chang

Travel Consultant


Janet Solsky - Total Advantage Travel Agents


Travel Consultant


Travelling is a privilege and a way to capture special moments and memories! I love to help my clients plan the perfect vacation experience – whether it be beach vacations, destination weddings, cruises or adventures, I can help make dream vacations happen!

Salvina Mangiafridda - Total Advantage Travel

Salvina Mangiafridda

Travel Consultant


Brandon Da Silva - Total Advantage Travel

Brandon Da Silva

Travel Consultant


Liz Mandol - Travel Agent - Total Advantage Travel

Liz Mandol

Travel Consultant


Stranded Without a Travel Agent

Without A Travel Agent, You’re on Your Own

Why use a travel agent to book your trip or cruise instead of booking it yourself online? Travel agents listen to your travel desires and craft the perfect vacation just for you! Likewise, they suggest, adjust, and understand. LEARN MORE.

Travel Advisor Experience Matters

Our Experience Matters

With so much uncertainty in our fast-changing world today, consulting a professional Travel Advisor like us has become increasingly necessary. READ MORE.

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