At Total Advantage Travel, we care about our clients like family. And like family, we never leave them stranded or alone. That’s why we firmly believe that you’re on your own without a travel agent. We’ve had so many of our clients write to us to praise our ability to get things done fast, and I’ve often heard them tell me, you’re right, “without a travel agent, you’re on your own”.

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Our Promise

We will make your travel planning seamless, from flights to hotels to cruises and tours. Our team is trained to offer you the best travel experience that you’ve ever had. We will take care of every detail of your travel planning. And, we will ensure that no booking is too small or too big to receive our award-winning customer service experience.

Without A Travel Agent, You’re On Your Own

We discuss your travel desires and craft the perfect vacation just for you! Likewise, we listen, suggest, adjust, and understand. We also give you valuable tips before you leave on your vacation that you may not have thought of on your own!

Once you’ve made your booking with Total Advantage Travel, you’ll be telling your friends, “without a travel agent, you’re on your own”.

Stranded at airport - Without A Travel Agent, You're On Your Own

Here are 7 reasons why to use an advisor instead of booking online:

  1. Travel is their expertise.
  2. Destination knowledge.
  3. Convenience.
  4. Cost savings.
  5. Relationships – The relationship you’ll form with your travel advisor, as well as their relationships with other agents, are two of the benefits of using a travel agent.
  6. Travel assistance.
  7. Decreased stress.

A travel consultant is your best advocate if something goes wrong. ⬛

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