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As we navigate our new normal, it’s evident that so much has changed – including travel. Therefore, here are five emerging travel trends we’ll see this year:

Post-Pandemic Travel Trends - Revenge Travel by splurging - Sailboat Cruise Saronic Gulf

Cruising the Mediterranean on a luxury yacht.

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1. Revenge Travel

After two years of staying home, travellers are now likely to pay more for the experience they want. Frequent travellers who were unable to travel due to COVID-19 related travel restrictions may be eager to splurge on luxurious experiences. That includes everything from boutique hotels, gourmet dining and one-of-a-kind experiences. Price is no longer the most crucial factor driving bookings. Travellers have a budget that’s 25-35 percent more than they would have invested in holidays before the pandemic. After not travelling for such a lengthy time, those who can finally hop on a plane are eager to make the trip count! 

Post-Pandemic Travel Trends - Romantic Travel - Santorini Wedding

Honeymoon in Santorini, Greece

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2. Romance Travel – An Increasingly Popular Post-Pandemic Travel Trend

Hugely popular before the pandemic, destination weddings are expected to make a significant comeback as countries worldwide continue their trajectory towards a high vaccination rate. Many couples were forced to postpone their big day when countries closed their borders. As a result, some of these weddings are more than two years in the making!

Bubble Travel Trend 2020 - Robert and colleagues - African Safari

Robert, Tony and colleagues on a life-changing African safari tour.

3. Bubble Travel

While group travel was often a popular choice, “bubble travel” is predicted to be the new way to travel with friends and family. Group travel could mean you are travelling with strangers from all over the world. Still, bubble travel ensures you’re with people you know and who are likely in your social circles throughout the pandemic.

Michael in Florida - Florida Workation

Michael on a Florida workation.

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4. Workation Travel

What started as a work-from-home model in most workplaces has evolved into a “work from anywhere” model. So long as an employee has the tools to do their job appropriately. Like a laptop, cell phone, and reliable internet connection, it really doesn’t matter if you’re working from home in the US or Canada or Mexico and the Caribbean. Workation-style travel allows employees to enjoy a destination without using up all of their vacation days.

John Zeus at the volcanic mud baths in Saint Lucia - Wellness Travel is a new emerging post-pandemic travel trend

John Zeus in Saint Lucia at the volcano mud baths and waterfall.

5. Wellness Travel & Self-Care – A New Post-Pandemic Travel Trend

Prioritizing one’s mental health and practicing self-care has become increasingly important during the pandemic, especially in countries that practice strict restrictions and lockdowns. Therefore, we expect to see more vacations centred around personal wellbeing. Emerging post-pandemic travel trends include solo travel, yoga retreats, silent retreats, and spa holidays. ⬛

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