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Princess Cruises: Choose Your Next Adventure


Expand your love of travel as you explore new places and make new connections with Princess Cruises.

Whether you’ve just begun dipping your toes into travel or consider yourself a globetrotting veteran, there’s always more to discover about the world. Thankfully, Princess makes it easy to satisfy your wanderlust with incredible sailings that will make you fall in love with exploring planet Earth.

Transit the Panama Canal locks to learn about this iconic waterway’s monumental history. Feel connected to the sun and sand and surf on the white-sand beaches of the Caribbean. Transport to another age by strolling through medieval villages and rugged countrysides in France and Portugal. Stand atop an extinct volcanic crater in the Canary Islands. Uncover the mysteries of the natural world by getting up close to the diverse flora and fauna of Costa Rica.

Whether you’re a history buff, nature lover, sunseeker, or architectural aficionado, Princess has a cruise that’s perfect for you. Choose from these can’t-miss destinations for an adventure you’ll love.

Princess Cruises Featured Sailings & Exclusive Offers

1. Panama Canal with Costa Rica & Caribbean

The best way to experience the modern engineering marvel of the Panama Canal is by ship, and with Princess, you’ll learn about its history and construction from onboard experts, who narrate from the bridge as your vessel transits the locks. Observe the raising and lowering of the ship, powered by the world’s largest human-made lake (and gravity!).

Beyond sailing through the legendary waterway, you’ll see verdant rainforests filled with ecological wonders and unique wildlife like two- and three-toed sloths; visit vibrant cultural hubs such as Aruba, Curacao and Colon; and explore UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Cartagena’s walled city and the Archaeological Site of Panamá Viejo.

2. France & Portugal Passage

Storied medieval and maritime destinations await discovery in France, Spain, England, and Portugal. Here, you’ll visit strategic ports fought over by Romans, Vikings, Saxons, and Normans; view Neoclassical, Renaissance, Gothic, and Moorish architecture; and stroll through charming countryside, castles, and churches.

In Cherbourg, you’ll learn about this prized piece of real estate and why it’s a gateway to the historic Normandy landings of D-Day. Moreover, Vigo’s medieval heritage and lingering Celtic legacy offer a trip back in time, with venerated religious sites that still draw pilgrims and curious visitors alike. One of the oldest cities in the world, Lisbon is draped across seven hills, captivating travellers with its pastel-coloured buildings, cobblestone streets and magnificent variety of architecture.

Princess Cruises: Choose Your Next Adventure

3. The Caribbean with Princess Cruises

Why choose just one island when you can unpack once and island-hop to your heart’s content on a Caribbean cruise? Take a thrill ride on a zipline over lush rainforests in St. Lucia. Snorkel over coral reefs and shipwrecks in St. Thomas: Experience Aruba’s vibrant desert interior, white-sand beaches and quaint Dutch architecture. Sail on a catamaran in Barbados. Swim with stingrays in Grand Cayman and go river tubing in Belize.

From top-rated beaches in the Eastern Caribbean and the vibrant culture of the Southern Caribbean to Mayan ruins in the Western Caribbean, there are endless gems to uncover in this region.

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4. The Canary Islands

With dramatic rocky landforms and subtropical forests, the rugged Canary Islands offer a unique juxtaposition of landscapes. Enjoy the surreal experience of visiting Gran Canaria’s Caldera de Bandama, an extinct volcanic crater, then prepare to be awed once again as you marvel at Tenerife’s Las Cañadas crater, one of the best exposed volcanic calderas in the world and one of the few known evolved alkaline volcanoes. Soak up the sun under swaying palms in Puerto de la Cruz and enjoy a typical Canarian meal in Tejeda.

Satisfy your curiosity about the world and explore renowned and awe-inspiring destinations with a cruise vacation that creates lifelong memories. Discover new places, meet new faces, connect with yourself, and fall in love with exploration on board Princess.

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Choose Your Next Adventure with Princess Cruises.
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