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Travelling Arahova, Travelling Central Greece

Arahova is a colourful resort town worth visiting when travelling through Central Greece. Most importantly, it is one of the oldest Greek settlements that still retains its traditional architectural style: two-story stone-hewed houses and earthen red-clay brick roofs. The town sprawls along the southern side of Mount Parnassus at an altitude of 900 – 1000 meters. The surrounding mountainous area provides service for one of the biggest ski resorts in Greece.

Arahova’s rich history can be traced back to the Greek War of Independence of 1821. As a result, several monuments can be seen around the town commemorating this historical event in Greek history.

Travelling Arahova - Formaella Cheese

Excellent Taste of Traditional and Modern Greek Cuisine

Establishments provide the visitor with an excellent taste of traditional and modern Greek cuisine, cheeses and wines. A unique regional type of cheese variety, called the Formaela, is made exclusively in the wider area of Arahova. And, offered for sale during specific times of the year.

Breathtakingly Beautiful Because of its Location

Arahova is breathtaking because of its unique location on the sides of Mount Parnassus and its surrounding areas. The historically-minded traveller will visit several ancient settlements going back to the Paleolithic era, from around 3000 B.C. onwards.

The Homeric town of Anemoria lies to the west of Arahova, while another small town mentioned by Homer in the Iliad, Kyparissos, lies to the east.

Site of Delphi - Central Greece

Close to the Archaeological Site of Delphi

Arahova is about 8km from the archaeological site of Delphi. According to tradition, the Grand Oracle of Delphi was instrumental through the ages in giving advice through prophecy to many of the greatest ancient Greek leaders. Including Pericles of the Golden Age of Athens and Phillip of Macedon, father of Alexander the Great. In addition, the site not only covers the extended ancient grounds but is also home to a museum dedicated exclusively to the Temple and the Oracle.

A short distance from Arahova, approximately 30 kilometres, the traveller can visit one of the greatest monuments of the Byzantine era, the monastery of Osios Loukas. In the neighbouring city of Distomo lies the infamous site of the Nazi Victims Memorial Mausoleum.

Travelling Arahova - Total Advantage Travel & Tours

Located on the Slopes of Mount Parnassus

Arahova is an excellent starting point for the nature-loving traveller. Mount Parnassus provides ample opportunity for climbing, hiking, or simply walking along with the rich Greek mountainscape. Guides can be found in the town for those interested in traversing the slopes of the mountain and reaching hiking milestones.

The mountaineer can come across countless hidden paths, lush fields and secret waterfalls of exquisite beauty, more than 80 meters in length. The rich mountain canopies, the fresh pine-smelling air and the stunning vistas will satisfy even the most demanding tastes.

Winter Travelling Arahova - Central Greece

Arahova – A Winter Destination Favourite

Much of Arahova’s fame comes from the Parnassus ski resort, undoubtedly one of Greece’s most sought-after ski destinations. It contains 19 tracks, seven ski routes, ten paths, and three mini-tracks for beginners. It’s also a favourite winter destination due to its proximity to Athens and the international airport.

Arahova is a well-rounded destination for quality-minded travellers. Beautiful natural sights, historical monuments of great significance, a top-rated ski resort, fresh and traditional food, and a rich nightlife. And only two hours outside the Greek capital of Athens. Certainly, It’s a vacation experience that will amaze, intrigue and entertain even the most curious and discerning traveller. 🟥

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