Five Great Travel Destinations for Digital Nomads | Travelling the World 

The traditional 9 to 5 office job may be a thing of the past as more professionals take their work on the road, thus embarking on a life of post-pandemic digital nomadism. Indeed, increased internet coverage and competitive airfares are making earning a living while seeing the world a popular option. When the whole world could be your next office, how do you choose where to live first?

Digital Nomadism is About Travelling the World

True freedom resides in travelling the world by becoming a digital nomad, having no boundaries or borders to abide by, while being able to live and work from anywhere in the world.

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Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal’s sun-kissed capital offers an attractive and affordable European option for any budding digital nomad. Lisbon’s relaxed residents shuffle amiably up and down the seven ancient hills in their city and stop at the cafés and tavernas along the way.

The cost of living for a digital nomad in Lisbon is highly affordable. It, therefore, allows you to feast on the decadent local cuisine. Co-working spaces are abundant, and high-speed internet connections are a standard, making Lisbon an attractive choice for any digital nomad.

Lisbon Portugal - Travelling The World
San Diego California - Digital Nomadism

San Diego, California, USA

San Diego is a fantastic choice for digital nomads who live in North America. Being in the U.S. means that uber-fast internet connections are available at home and in the many co-working spaces around town.

Sitting on the border between the U.S. and Mexico, San Diego boasts an impressive array of restaurants and food trucks from which to fill up. The many bars and nightclubs in the city ensure the nightlife in San Diego is always lively. Therefore, digital nomads looking for a destination to work hard and play hard will love this sun-drenched Californian hub.

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Medellin, Colombia

Perfect for travellers looking to work in an American timezone, craving more adventure. Having shed its previously dark reputation, Colombia is emerging as the number one must-see country in South America. Medellin, in particular, has invested heavily in infrastructure in recent years. Hence, travelling throughout the city is very easy.

The low cost of living enables digital nomads to have more pocket change to enjoy the delights of this lively and vibrant city. The weather is almost always perfect, as bright sunshine often falls upon the majestic hillsides that envelop Medellin. Travellers worldwide speak glowingly of Colombia and Medellin, and it’s easy to see why.

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Madellin Colombia - Travelling The World
Bangkok Thailand - Digital Nomads

Bangkok, Thailand

A city of extremes – travellers either leave Bangkok singing its praises or vow never to return. The buzz of the place is palpable as travellers and locals all vie for space day and night. The street food is almost unrivalled in any major city around the world. Delicious meals are served for low prices from the thousands of food trolleys lining the pavements.

All the amenities digital nomads need are available in the Thai capital. Co-working spaces are popular and utilized by friendly ex-pats and the digital nomad community.

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Thessaloniki, Greece

Greece will always be an excellent travel destination thanks to its history, unique natural landscape, and friendly local people. Examples of Thessaloniki’s rich history can be found in many places throughout the city, and there are new treasures to discover around almost every corner. If the city becomes too hot, you’re never too far from one of Greece’s idyllic beaches. The beautiful Aegean Islands are in reach for a long weekend.

Thessaloniki is very popular with digital nomads, and start-up companies and internet businesses can be found throughout the city. Also, co-working spaces are not only numerous but cutting edge.

Thessaloniki Greece for Digital Nomads

Digital Nomads, Pack Your Bags!

The beauty of being a digital nomad is that a living can be made anywhere. Combining the experience of travel with the realities of work is a compromise. It can result in a far more outstanding work-life balance than many people previously thought possible. Packing your bags and buying a ticket are the first steps to a fantastic experience. ∎

Five Great Travel Destinations for Digital Nomads | Travelling the World
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