Luxury Travel Trends for 2022

There’s no denying that travel looks a lot different today than it did a couple of years ago. In fact, pent-up demand has fueled a travel renaissance as people ache to go exploring once more. Luxury travel is bouncing back from ocean and river cruises to hotels and resorts, even rail journeys. We’re finding new ways to satisfy one’s taste for the good life. You might even say we’re entering a new era of luxury travel trends, one that’s placing greater emphasis on immersive and authentic experiences.

Rocky Mountaineer Train Journey - Mount Robson

Rocky Mountaineer journeys through the majestic Canadian Rockies. Photo courtesy of Rocky Mountaineer. (Luxury Travel Trends)

So, where are people headed to? Well, pretty much everywhere – literally. Exotic and uncharted destinations are hot, and new expedition cruises now traverse nearly every large body of water on the planet, including the poles. Interest in well-being travel has skyrocketed since the pandemic. Many new hotels and resorts offer new wellness programs and services to help guests feel better. Even big cities throughout the world are awakening from their recent hibernations as visitors are once again returning.

Luxury Travel Trends - Vietnam

Paddling in traditional boats in the Mekong delta, Vietnam. Photo Shutterstock by licence. (Luxury Travel Trends)

But by far, the most meaningful trend this year is “conscious travel.” These travel experiences combine sustainability and wellness, cultural immersion, exploration, and adventure. In addition, involvement with the destination, supporting conservation and environmental projects, and empowering artisans, producers, and local businesses.

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Consult a Travel Consultant

Lastly, we can’t forget about travel consultants, who are indispensable sources of information, knowledge, and expertise. When considering your next travel experience, consult a travel consultant who will ensure your adventure is everything you want it to be. ⬛


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Luxury Travel Trends - Athens Archaeology Tour Greece

Archeological Acropolis Myths & Gods Tour in Athens, Greece. (Luxury Travel Trends)

Experiencing the sublime luxury of travel is one of life’s greatest pleasures

Whether it’s savouring sumptuous cuisine crafted by the hands of a master chef, spending the day on an island paradise rejuvenating your body, mind and soul, or sailing the crystal blue waters in exclusive comfort – there’s a world of exquisite travel adventures waiting to be explored.

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