Iconic Israel and the Holy Land: Much More Than Bible Tours

The Holy Land, now comprising Israel and the Palestinian Territories, has always been a magnet for those seeking the unique charm of the Biblical milieu and Middle East exotica. Since World War II, it has also seen the rise of a modern state that now features cosmopolitan cities, a leading high-tech sector, and beach resorts rivalling those elsewhere in the Mediterranean. After a brief pause to help curb the spread of Covid, tourism to the Holy Land has resumed the healthy growth of previous decades.

Holy Land Bible-Oriented Experiences

Visitors to the Holy Land can still get an unmatched fill of Bible-oriented experiences. Jerusalem, the 3,000-year-old city sacred to three religions, has a variety of tours of religious and historic sites associated with the deeds of kings and prophets. Locations on the Jordan River, in Galilee, and the Judean Desert afford other memorable opportunities for immersion in the Bible stories and their ancient context.

Masada - Masada National Park - Iconic Israel and the Holy Land

The Holy Land’s Trill of Raw Nature

But the land’s natural beauty is an immense attraction in itself, and both public and commercial organizations have gone to great lengths to put its top features within the convenient reach of tourists. The stunning, often snow-capped Mount Hermon in the north is a well-developed ski resort in season. The seaside caves of Rosh Hanikra on the Mediterranean coast, the hills of Galilee, the Mitzpe Ramon crater, and the striking stone formations in the Negev Desert approaching Eilat will all impress those seeking the thrill of raw nature. Speaking of Eilat, this southernmost city of Israel has an outstanding underwater aquarium, and its beaches attract visitors from all over Europe.

Exploring Tel Aviv - Iconic Israel and The Holy Land

City Life: Tel Aviv & Haifa

As for those more attuned to contemporary city life at its most prosperous, they will find it in Tel Aviv, the commercial and cultural capital of Israel, with its high-tech business sector, museums, theatres, concert halls, nightlife, and beaches. Haifa, set on a scenic bay on the slopes of the magnificent Mount Carmel further north, is a well-developed city with fascinating physical and cultural contrasts to Tel Aviv.

Trip Planning

Prospective travellers to Israel and the Holy Land can find all the basics of planning a trip easily and with the help of a good travel agent. The Israel Ministry of Tourism and several commercial agencies specializing in tours of Palestinian sites are all good sources of information. A memorable and rewarding experience is within reach.

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Faith-based tours are multi-faceted journeys that will take you to Israel and across the globe to show you must-see religious destinations.

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