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At Goway, they want you to do just that… explore the world your way. Goway’s travel ideas are as diverse as the world itself and are designed to let you experience it any way you please.
Goway has something for everyone, and Total Advantage Travel can take care of the details while you focus on the experience.


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Goway - Bali - pura ulun danu temple bedugul tanah lot tour

Goway – Bali – Pura ulun danu temple bedugul tanah lot tour

Providing unforgettable travel experiences for travellers from all walks of life.

Goway - Yarra Valley wine tasting route - Total Advantage Travel

Goway’s Yarra Valley wine tasting route – at kangaroo crossing sign – Victoria, Australia

Operating since 1970

Goway is North America’s leading travel provider to Australia & the South Pacific, Asia, Africa & the Middle East, Latin America & Antarctica, the world’s most Idyllic Islands and UK-Europe. Privately owned by the Hodge family (all four of whom work in the business), they have a global presence with their head office in Toronto and branches in Vancouver, Los Angeles, Sydney and Manila which employ over 300 specialist staff.

Goway offers a wide choice of travel ideas, ranging from fully independent travelling, to escorted tours and adventure touring for the more adventurous trekker.

The strength of Goway has always been the quality of their staff and their commitment to customer satisfaction. Many of their staff are long-time employees and Bruce Hodge, Goway’s founder, continues to be president.

Goway’s basic objective is to so satisfy their clients that they will recommend to their friends and travel again and again. That is how they have been able to keep growing over the years.

Epic 4 min Video of Travelling in Japan

Japan is a top travel destination, suitable for almost any type of traveller, but is one of those destinations many North American’s say they will one day visit, but never do. This video should help with any indecision!