Cruise Ship Classic Chocolate Cake – Chef Russel Gomes from Carnival Cruise Lines.

We often sing the praises of the inventive, entertaining, and sometimes celebrity-chef-driven specialty restaurants on cruise ships. But some of the best culinary experiences on a cruise are in the main dining room. Talented chefs craft cruise ship classic favourite dishes, presented with a sense of ceremony that makes dining at sea an actual occasion.

Cruise Ship Classic

Chocolate Cake is one of the world’s most popular desserts, certainly one that’s been around since 1765. It’s comfort food that cheers an ordinary day puts a smile on every face and is the sweet touch that makes life’s milestones all the brighter.

A rich, decadent chocolate cake is the mainstay, staple dessert you find on main dining room menus on many cruise lines.

Chef Russel Gomes from Carnival Cruise Line’s Mardi Gras ship shares a recipe for a 5-ingredient, half-hour version chocolate cake. That means you don’t have to wait till your next cruise to indulge.

Carnival Cruise Ship Chef Russel Gomes

Photo of the classic chocolate cake, courtesy of Carnival Cruises.

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  1. 9oz Semi-sweet Chocolate
  2. 6oz Butter
  3. 4 Eggs
  4. 3oz Sugar
  5. 2oz Flour 3


1. Melt the chocolate and butter in a glass mixing bowl using the medium setting in a microwave, in no more than 1-minute increments at a time, till fully melted. Use a spatula to fold the butter and chocolate together till blended.

2. In another mixing bowl, mix eggs and sugar, whisk for a few minutes. Further, add flour and whisk until there are no lumps. It’s just enough to bind the ingredients, so you get that lava, molten effect. Cruise ship style, in other words, it’s not a regular chocolate cake.

3. Add the egg mix to the melted chocolate and combine, constantly whisking so the heat of the chocolate doesn’t cook the eggs.

4. Pour the mix in greased, individual ceramic moulds. Single-serving size souffle cups if you have them, or improvise! Even small coffee cups will work.

5. Set the moulds in a pan with hot water in it. Put the pan in a pre-heated, 350°F oven for 20 minutes.

Place the warm cup on a plate to serve. Certainly, a dusting of icing sugar, and maybe a fresh strawberry. Now you have a cruise ship classic dessert for a homemade celebration or an ordinary dinner at home.

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Watch Video On Making Cruise Ship Classic Melting Chocolate Cake

Watch Carnival Cruise Ship Chef Russel Gomes make easy, five-ingredient/five-step Melting Chocolate Cake in this video, provided by Carnival Cruise Line.

Carnival Cruise Line's Mardi Gras cruise ship

Photo of Carnival Cruise Line’s Mardi Gras cruise ship, courtesy of Carnival Cruises.